dUTP/UNG Additive for dttp kit conv.

Details for Product No. ABIN3188317,
Escherichia coli (E. coli)
Quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR)
Purpose E. coli Uracil-N-glycosylase (UNG) hydrolyses the release of free uracil from uracil-containing DNA. UNG efficiently hydrolyses single or double-stranded DNA, but not from oligomers (6 or less bases).
Characteristics Recombinant E. coli UNG purified from an E. coli expressing clone.
Application Notes Convert a dTTP MasterMix kit before first use:
  • Thaw the MasterMix and the vial containing dUTP/UNG at RT
  • Add the dUTP/UNG blend to the MasterMix vial as follow:
    • 40 μL into 1.5 mL of 2X MasterMix
    • 40 μL into 0.6 mL of 5X MasterMix
    • 67 μL per 1 mL tube of 5X MasterMix
    • 200 μL per 7.5 mL bottle of 2X MasterMix
  • Gently homogenize the MasterMix by swirling the vial
  • Follow MasterMix storage recommendation for the converted kit
Convert a qPCR reaction into a carryover ready assay (for Core kit):
  • Thaw all required reagents
  • Add 0.25 μL of dUTP/UNG per 20 μL reaction (final volume - refer to the TDS of the corresponding Core kit)
  • Gently homogenize the Mix by pipetting or inverting the tube a few times. Spin down.
  • Start the reaction

Using the dUTP/UNG blend easily convert in a single pipetting any dTTP MasterMix into a carryover prevention compatible kit.

Restrictions For Research Use only
Storage -20 °C
Storage Comment For long term storage UNG/dUTP blend should be stored at -20°C in a constant temperature freezer. When stored under these conditions the reagent is stable for 2 years. Avoid repetitive freeze-thaw cycles.
Expiry Date 24 months