PCR-Sure™ Individual Reaction Mix

Details for Product No. ABIN4219160,
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
Purpose One Individual Reaction of PCR-Sure Kit for PCR optimization.
Brand PCR-Sure™
Specificity It has been well established that many variables affect a particular PCR reaction: template structures, primer design, annealing temperature, concentration of Mg2, etc. The PCR-Sure™ Kit was developed to simplify the PCR optimization process. The system consists of multiple thermo-stable DNA polymerases pre-mixed with 12 optimized buffers in a 2X MasterMix format, saving a great amount of time in PCR set-up compared to the non-MasterMix PCR optimization format. To find the optimal conditions for your difficult PCR, all you need to do is to mix templates, primers, and H2O with the PCR-Sure™ 2X MasterMix.
Each Reaction Mix contains Cresol Red as an electrophoresis dye, with migration equivalent to 125 bp DNA fragment on an agarose gel.
Characteristics For a challenging PCR that cannot be resolved with either standard or touchdown PCR protocols, the PCR-SureTM Kit is the solution to amplify the most difficult DNA templates. The PCR-SureTM Kit consists of various DNA Polymerases with 12 different reaction buffers to help PCR condition optimization for a particular DNA template. Once an optimal buffer is identified, the buffer can be ordered separately for large volume PCR application. Together with the touchdown PCR protocol, the PCR-SureTM kit is the ultimate solution for the most difficult DNA templates. More conveniently,the MasterMixes included in this kit contain loading dye to allow direct gel electrophoresis of final PCR products.
Components An individual PCR MasterMix (5 X 1 ml).
Application Notes The 200 reactions are based on final total reaction volumes of 50 μL.

1. There are 12 different PCR MasterMixes designed to provide a broad range of conditions for a specific DNA template. Thus the preparation of a batch mixture containing DNA template, forward primer, reverse primer, and nuclease-free H2O is recommended to minimize variations caused by pipetting. The PCR set-up for 1 reaction and for 14 reactions (12 reactions for 12 MasterMixes and 2 extra reaction volumes to account for pipetting loss) are as follows:
- DNA Template ~100 ng (1 rxn) ~1.4 μg (14 rxn) ~2 ng/μl (Final Conc.)
- Forward Primer (10 μM) 1-2.5 μl (1 rxn) 14-35 μl (14 rxn) 200-500 nM (Final Conc.)
- Reverse Primer (10 μM) 1-2.5 μl (1 rxn) 14-35 μl (14 rxn) 200-500 nM (Final Conc.)
- Nuclease-free H2O Up to 25 μl (1 rxn) Up to 350 μl (14 rxn)
2. Mix all components well and aliquot 25 μl to each of the 12 PCR tubes on ice (50 μl reaction volume). Then add 25 μl of each individual PCR-SureTM MasterMix to the 12 PCR tubes.

Restrictions For Research Use only
Storage -20 °C
Storage Comment Store at -20°C.