Bloodirect DNA Polymerase (PCR)

Details for Product No. ABIN4219173,
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
Purpose Extraction-free DNA amplification from whole blood samples with Bloodirect DNA Polymerase.
Specificity With Bloodirect DNA Polymerase, you can :
- Eliminate lengthy DNA purification steps
- Achieve direct amplification from fresh or frozen blood preserved in EDTA, citrate or heparin
Characteristics With this unique enzyme, DNA can be amplified in reactions containing up to 20 % (v/v) whole blood sample without a separate DNA purification step. As a result, the use of Bloodirect DNA Polymerase offers an overall reduction in contamination risk, experimental run time, and cost of genetic testing.
Application Notes Whole blood PCR
1. Whole blood samples containing sodium citrate, sodium EDTA, potassium EDTA, or sodium heparin are recommended.
2. Blood volume higher than 10 % (v/v) would increase the difficulties in recovering aqueous supernatant from blood cell debris that remains after PCR.
3. Dry blood stored on Guthrie cards or 903 cards (Whatman, NJ) can be used directly by adding 1 mm punch disc to PCR reaction
4. For blood stored on FTA cards (Whatman, NJ), first incubate a 1 mm punch disc in 50 μL of water at 55 °C for 5 minutes, then discard the water and use the disc directly in PCR reaction.
6. Up to 10 % (v/v) DMSO can be used for high-GC targets.

100 U (100 μl)

Restrictions For Research Use only
Concentration 1 U/μL
Buffer Enzyme supplied with 5X buffer
Storage -20 °C
Storage Comment Store all components at -20°C.