TransScript® -Uni One-Step gDNA Removal and cDNA Synthesis SuperMix

Details for Product No. ABIN5519495,
cDNA Synthesis (cDNA)
Purpose TransScript-Uni RT is an improved version of M-MLV reverse transcriptase with broad range of reaction temperature(42oC-65oC) and higher thermostability.
Brand TransScript®
Specificity Broad range reaction temperature (42 °C-65 °C) .
Simultaneous genomic DNA removal and cDNA synthesis in one tube to minimize RNA contamination.
The product obtained from 15 minutes reaction is used for qPCR, the product obtained from 30 minutes reaction is used for PCR.
cDNA up to 20 kb.
Characteristics The suggested reaction temperature is 50oC. The SuperMix contains reagents for simultaneous genomic DNA removal and cDNA synthesis. After cDNA synthesis, gDNA remover and reverse transcriptase are inactivated by heating at 85oC for 5 seconds.
Components TransScript®-Uni RT/RI Enzyme Mix, gDNA Remover, 2xTS-Uni Reaction Mix, Random Primer (N9) (0.1 μg/μL), Anchored Oligo (dT)20 Primer (0.5 μg/μL), RNase-free Water
Application Notes Multiple copy and low copy gene detection, GC-rich or complex secondary structure RNA template, cDNA library construction, primer extension, 3' and 5' RACE

50 rxnsx20 μl Systems

Restrictions For Research Use only
Storage -20 °C
Storage Comment at -20°C for two years
Expiry Date 24 months