Evo™ Reverse Transcriptase

Details for Product No. ABIN5684183,
Purpose Reverse Transcriptases
Characteristics EvoTM Reverse Transcriptase is an optimized and evolved (EvoTM) mutational derivative of the original Reverse Transcriptase (RTase) enzyme representing the best-performing RTase on the market. This enzyme catalyzes the synthesis of complementary DNA strands from single-stranded RNA or DNA templates. Due to a series of mutations introduced within the RNase H domain of this enzyme, there is no detectable RNase H activity associated with the enzyme. The lack of RNase H activity helps to eliminate RNA degradation during first-strand cDNA synthesis, resulting in better yield and length of cDNA synthesized (up to 9 kb). Furthermore, Evo™ RTase contains an additional fidelity enhancing subunit which drastically enhances accuracy in reverse transcription. EvoTM Reverse Transcriptase is the ultimate solution to synthesize cDNA from only 0.1 pg of RNA.
Components EvoTM Reverse Transcriptase (200 U/μl), 5X RT buffer
Restrictions For Research Use only
Storage -20 °C
Storage Comment -20°C
Expiry Date 12 months