HLA-DQ 2+8 PCR Assay

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Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
Purpose MutaGEL® HLA-DQ 2+8 PCR Assay allows the detection of the genetic profile determining human HLA class II serotypes DQ2 and DQ8 (MHC system). This is done by detection of specific HLA-alleles coding for DQ2 resp. DQ8 (DQA1*05 + DQB1*02 and DQA1*03 + DQB1*0302) - but exclusively in the allele combination leading to these haplotypes (DQ2 resp. DQ8). This kit is not for single independent allele typing (and not comparable with photo-typing method).
Brand MutaGEL®
Sample Type DNA
Characteristics Celiac disease (CD) / gluten intolerance (GI) is one of the most often chronic gastrointestinal diseases. The disease is characterised intolerance for gliadin fractions in wheat or analogous proteins in other cereals. The intake of gluten with food causes by patients chronic but reversible damages of the gastrointestinal mucous membrane which finally manifests histological in villious atrophy of the small intestine. CD/ GI is genetically strong associated with the alleles DQA1*05 (=0501)/ DQB1*02 (=0201 and 0202) and DQA1*03 (=0301, 0302, =03**)/ DQB1*0302.

Endemic Sprue (ES) – in childhood called celiac disease (CD) – leads finally to villous atrophy as consequence of immune-reactions against own proteins: ES is therefore (in contrary to bacterial caused tropic sprue) an autoimmune disease developing antibodies against own body proteins (e.g. transglutaminases or the endomysium) by persons sensible for ingredients of cereals (oats in small dimension). Sensible are all persons with the inherited specificity DQ2 and/ or DQ8 of the own-/ foreign- discrimination system HLA (= MHC), which is in case of ES are therefore present in superiority (> 95% of Finish, 97% of Italian and 100% of Netherland patients) and in normal healthy persons (Europe) about 25 – 40%. This is the reason why CD/ ES is one of the most (often undetected) disease. The chronic damages of the small intestine manifest often during 6th and 18th month. The disease is and not limited exclusively to children and also extra intestinal manifestations are described.

In many patients it is possible to measure the auto-antibodies. But the analysis of the HLA-serotype DQ2 and DQ8 determining genetic profile (mutations A1*05/ B1*02 =DQ2 and A1*03/ B1*0302 =DQ8) possesses much higher sensitivity. Therefore, the PCR test MutaGEL® HLA DQ 2+8 is used for exclusion of suspicious diagnosis for GI/ ES.

MutaGEL HLA-DQ 2+8 PCR Assay contains sets of primers which amplify the DQ2-alleles DQA1*0501, DQB1*02 and DQ8-alleles DQA1*03, B1*0302. The primer sets are prepared in two separate mixes and can be used for PCR directly with the extracted sample gDNA. The resulting amplification products are subsequently identified with gelelctrophoretic methods. Additionally, an included internal control proofs (especially in absence of the analysed alleles) the correct performance of PCR in each single reaction.

Sample Volume 200 μL
Restrictions For Research Use only
Storage -20 °C