Prothrombin (Factor II) PCR Assay

Details for Product No. ABIN2648730,
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
Purpose MutaGEL® Prothrombin PCR Assay allows the detection of the G20210A mutation within the 3’ UTR region of the prothrombin gene (human coagulation factor II). This mutation is related to a big amount of prothrombin in plasma.
Brand MutaGEL®
Sample Type DNA
Characteristics Prothrombin (Factor II) is a protein in the blood required for the blood to clot. Blood clots are composed of a combination of blood platelets and a meshwork of the blood clotting protein fibrin. Prothrombin as blood clotting protein is needed to form fibrin. Persons with too little prothrombin have a bleeding tendency. If an individual has too much prothrombin, blood clots may form when they shouldn’t.
Target Name (Antigen)
Alternative Name Prothrombin (Factor II)

MutaGEL® Prothrombin PCR Assay Kit contains a set of primers which amplify a specific sequence within the human factor II gene. The amplified product obtained from a wild type DNA will not be cut by the restriction enzyme included in this kit, whereas the fragment obtained from DNA homozygous for the factor II G20210A mutation will be cut. Amplification products and their cut fragments are analysed through gel electrophoresis.

Sample Volume 200 μL
Restrictions For Research Use only
Storage -20 °C