RT-PCR Control Template Kit

Details for Product No. ABIN4219117,
cDNA Synthesis (cDNA)
Purpose RT-PCR Control Template Kit is a system including a human RNA template, cDNA template and GAPDH primer mix to incorporate a positive control into existing RT-PCR setups, guaranteed to amplify under the correct conditions.
Specificity - Ease of use with a simple set-up
- Suitable for a wide range of RT-PCR assays
- Streamlined protocol suitable for high-throughput applications
- The kit can also be used for teaching and demonstration purposes within student laboratories.
Characteristics The RNA template can be used to ensure proper cDNA synthesis, while the ready-to-use cDNA template can conveniently be used as an extra control in later PCR reactions, allowing the user to easily add reliable controls at every step of their experiment without hassle.
Application Notes - Reliable RT-PCR based detection of gene expression
- Routine RT-PCR amplification of RNA templates

100 rxns

Restrictions For Research Use only