EasyScript Plus™ Two-Step RT-PCR Kit

Details for Product No. ABIN4219221,
cDNA Synthesis (cDNA)
Purpose Convenient and time-saving reaction set-up with EasyScript™ Two-Step RT-PCR Kit for complex RNA templates (i.e. secondary structures and high GC content).
Brand EasyScript Plus™
Specificity 2X PCR MasterMix provides all ingredients necessary for PCR in a premixed and optimized format that simplifies the PCR workflow. Utilizing different Taq DNA Polymerases, abm offers a variety of highly sensitive MasterMixes to accommodate a wide range of DNA templates and performance needs. abm's MasterMix with dye includes, in addition, an inert blue dye and a stabilizer which allow for direct loading of the PCR product(s) onto an agarose gel.
- Streamlined protocol suitable for high-throughput applications
- Ease of use with a simple set-up
- Excellent cDNA yield and robust PCR performance
- Suitable for complex RNA templates (secondary structures and high GC content)
Characteristics cDNA Synthesis SuperMix provides highly efficient and specific conversion of RNA to cDNA, even from low-abundance transcripts. Furthermore, the unique blend of random primers and oligo(dT) primers in this SuperMix ensures optimal representation of all transcript sequences in the cDNA product. Overall, abm's cDNA Synthesis SuperMix allows you to perform first-strand cDNA synthesis with minimal effort and maximum ease. EasyScript Plus™ is engineered to perform under high temperatures (45 °C - 55 °C), abm's EasyScript™ Plus Reverse Transcriptase can synthesize full-length cDNA libraries from RNA templates up to 15kb in length.
Components This highly efficient two-step RT-PCR kit consists of two main components: EasyScript Plus™ cDNA Synthesis SuperMix and TaqPlus 2X PCR MasterMix with dye.
Application Notes - Routine RT-PCR amplification of RNA templates
- Reliable RT-PCR based detection of gene expression

25 reactions

Restrictions For Research Use only