Mitochondrial DNA Purification Kit

Details for Product No. ABIN5526566,
DNA Purification (DNA Purif)
Purpose PCR, cloning, DNA hybridization, southern blotting, genotyping, restriction enzyme digest analysis, sequencing, etc.
Sample Type Adherent Cell Culture, Cell Culture Cells, Biological Fluids, Tissue Samples
Characteristics This Mitochondrial DNA Isolation Kit facilitates purification of quality mitochondrial DNA from mammalian cultured cells or tissue. This kit utilizes a density separation step to isolate mitochondria from the rest of the cellular organelles, followed by an enzymatic reaction to release DNA from the mitochondria. Upon release, mitochondrial DNA is further purified from nuclear DNA contamination and adsorbed onto a silica spin-column under chaotropic conditions, eliminating the use of toxic organic compounds or solvents. Mitochondrial DNA purified by this kit is suitable for various downstream molecular biology applications such as PCR, cloning, DNA hybridization, Southern Blotting, sequencing, genotyping, enzymatic analysis, and more.

Features and Benefits:
  • Simple procedure, takes less than 2 hours
  • Fast and convenient
  • The kit provides unique formulations of buffers, reagents anc columns for isolating a highly enriched mitochondrial fraction. This kit provides genomic-free DNA samples
Components Buffer H [Homogenization Buffer]
Buffer R [Re-suspension Buffer]
Enzyme Mix
Buffer L [Lysis Buffer]
Buffer N [Neutralization Buffer]
Buffer W [Wash Buffer]
Buffer E [Elution Buffer]
Spin Columns/Collection Tubes
Application Notes Mitochondria are essential double-membrane bound organelles that support aerobic respiration and most of the cellular ATP production in all nucleated mammalian cells. To date, hundreds of pathogenic mitochondrial DNA mutations have been identified to result in disease phenotypes such as cancer, ataxia, and diabetes. As a result, isolation of high quality mitochondrial DNA from mammalian cells and tissues in sufficient quantities is important for many basic research and clinical applications.

Further details regarding sample type: Cell cultures (adherent and suspension), fresh and frozen tissues

Restrictions For Research Use only
Storage RT/-20 °C
Expiry Date 24 months