Anti-Single Strand DNA Antibody (ssDNA Ab) ELISA Kit

Details for Product No. ABIN5692092,
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Detection Method
Method Type
Sandwich ELISA
Purpose This ELISA kit is used for in vitro qualitative determination of Anti-ssDNA.
Brand QuickDetect™
Sample Type Plasma
Analytical Method Qualitative
Detection Method Colorimetric
Cross-Reactivity (Details) Cross Reactivity: No significant cross-reactivity or interference between this analyte and its analogues was observed.
Characteristics Antibodies against single-stranded DNA (anti-ssDNA) are mainly directed against its basic compound, which in the native DNA is masked inside the helical structure. Anti-ssDNA antibody (Ab) test is used for the differential diagnosis of new patients suspected of an inflammatory rheumatic disease the clinical sensitivity for systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). The increase in anti-ssDNA Ab level appeared to be the best predictor of forthcoming increase in anti-dsDNA and SLE flare This Anti-ssDNA ELISA kit is a sandwich ELISA assay for the qualitative measurement of Anti-ssDNA antibody in human serum, plasma and cell culture supernatants in 90 minutes.
Components Micro ELISA strip-plate
Negative Control
Positive Control
HRP- Conjugate reagent
Sample diluent
Chromogen Solution A
Chromogen Solution B
Stop Solution
Wash buffer (30X)
Plate sealers
Alternative Name Anti-ssDNA Antibody
Target Type Antibody, Antibody
Plate Pre-coated
Restrictions For Research Use only
Storage 4 °C
Expiry Date 6 months