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cDNA clones are a useful tool for the study of gene function and protein analysis. Using cDNA clones, over-expression can drive changes in phenotype allowing a better understanding of the biological role of the gene, the production of antibodies or simply analysis of protein chemistry.

cDNA Clones: A promising tool with flaws

transomic ready to use plasmid products

The workflow of cDNA clone production includes three essential steps: ligation transformation and screening (fig.1). Many obstacles can occur during the process, delaying the timetable (H. Okayama 1982). Starting with biological material to isolate mRNA, reverse transcriptase and amplification efficiency or simply to identify the right cDNA clone once the cDNA library is created. The problems increase with rising sequence length of template cDNA.

Alternative splicing can be another issue. Particular exons may be included within or excluded from the final mRNA, leading to different version of mRNA and corresponding cDNA. The final product has to be checked as well, as SNPs may occur. These single nucleotide polymorphisms are difficult to detect but alter the functionality of the coded protein.

Ready to use cDNA Clones

For human, rat, mouse, zebrafish, xenopus

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Save time and money with pre-made cDNA vectors

A clever way to avoid all the problems in manual crafting and to safe a lot of time on top are commercially available ready-to-use cDNA vectors. The MGC premier cDNA clones from our partner transOMIC (Supplier page) are excellent for this purpose and provide easy access to clones covering entire genomes. They include vectors with long single cDNA inserts and compilations of cDNAs coding for different genes likewise.

MGC - Gold standard for full-length cDNA collections

MGC stands for Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC Project Team 2009). It is a huge sequencing project and was developed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). They completed the project in 2009 and it is now recognized as the gold standard for full-length, fully sequenced cDNA collections with less than 1 error in 50,000 bp (Gerhard et al 2004). MGC clones represent human, mouse, rat and bovine genomes as well as non-mammalian model organisms like zebrafish and Xenopus.

100% sequence guarantee

For experiments which require an even higher grade of sequence accuracy and to eliminate splicing or SNPs issues mentioned above we offer an additional end-sequencing of an isolated colony before shipping to give you 100% guarantee to receive the published sequence. This way you can start risk free with a verified clonal culture.

Delivery & shipping details

Individual clones are shipped within 6 to 8 business days within the USA. They will be delivered as bacterial cultures of E. coli in LB broth with 8% glycerol at room temperature. Collections are shipped in 96 well plate format on dry ice. Storage for later usage should be at –80°C upon receipt.

transomic ready-to-use plasmids, workflow

Ready to use cDNA Clones

For human, rat, mouse, zebrafish, xenopus

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