Manufacturer Heimbiotek joins genomics-online - miR Multi Assay Kits now available

Genomics-online is pleased to announce our new partnership with the South Korean supplier Heimbiotek and increase our product range with high sensitivity HB miR Multi Assay Kits™. The kits facilitate multiple types of analysis and are unmatched by competitor products - beating them in specificity as well as reactivity.

Sensitivity assays using the HB miR Multi Assay kit™ system 1 and system 2 provide linear detection and quantification of miRNAs in a range of 1 pg to 1µg. System 1 Detects various miRNAs from the cDNA library sample whereas system 2 detects specific miRNA via targets specific RT-Primers. Furthermore the HB miR Multi Assay Kit™ is able to perform sequencing analysis from the PCR product.

miRNA quality control studies and comparative detection test of let-7e showed advantages in both specificity and reactivity in comparison to similar products from other supplier. For more information visit the product pages or get in touch with our customer support. Discover our Heimbiotek products right now!.