genomics-online partners with Transbionovo

genomics-online welcomes our newest supplier, Transbionovo to our marketplace. Located in the capital of China, the team at Beijing TransGen Biotech Co., Ltd. has more than 16 years of experience in the life science sector and is one the leading bioreagent companies in China. Their trade mark products combine high quality with competitive prices.

Discover at genomics-online following brands and products supplied by Transbionovo: EasyPure® kits to faciliate the extraction, isolation and cloning of RNA and DNA. A variety of EasyTaq®, TransTaq® and TransFast® Taq DNA polymerases and dNTPs for PCRs. Super fast FlyCut™ restriction enzymes which are able to perform DNA digestion in just minutes. Don´t hesitate to contact our scientific customer service for further questions and product information.