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About genomics-online

In 2016, the team at antibodies-online set their sights on the next big thing – tools for studying the genome and transcriptome.

Led by managing directors Dr. Tim Hiddemann and Dr. Andreas Kessell, seeks to apply the wildly successful antibodies-online business model to world of genomics and transcriptomics research.

At, our goal is to fundamentally improve life-science research by making it easy to find and buy the genomics and transcriptomics tools that researchers desperately need.

We offer researchers and procurement agents the opportunity to search for the tools that make research possible. Primers, DNA extraction kits, plasmids, nucleotides and enzymes for genome editing, as well as other critical reagents from dozens of top-quality manufacturers around the globe are all available under one roof – easy to find, quick to procure, and supported by a world-class team of friendly experts. We also offer a variety of high-quality technical resource material - such as our plasmid resource, polymerases, a short introduction to CRISPR,or our overview of viral gene delivery vectors - for a quick review or in-depth education on the latest tools and techniques. Here you can find a list of the vector backbones that our products use. If you are looking for genomics tools and software, you may find a huge list of free tools, software and more for genomics, flow cytometry, imaging, CRISPR/Cas9 and other fields.

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We’re proud to offer you the industry’s fastest and most innovative web-search for genomics reagents, flat-rate fast shipping, a simple & flexible procure-to-pay platform, same day technical service, and a money-back guarantee on every product in our catalog.

If you’re a researcher or a procurement agent who is tired of scouring the farthest reaches of the internet for the tools you need, or sick of managing complex inflexible difficult purchasing networks, we’d invite you to give a try! Register for an account...