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cDNA Synthesis

Complementary DNA (cDNA) is synthesized in a reverse transcription reaction by the enzyme reverse transcriptase from a single-stranded mRNA template. cDNA molecules are commonly used to clone and express eukaryotic genes in prokaryotes since the original genes cannot be readily cloned due to the presence of introns. Our reverse transcriptase and cDNA synthesis premixes provide you with the necessary tools for cDNA first-strand synthesis and PCR amplification specifically from mRNA or total RNA extracts.

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cDNA 200 U/μL
cDNA Synthesis
200 U/μL
Catalog No. ABIN4219166
Catalog No. ABIN5519431
Catalog No. ABIN5519523
Catalog No. ABIN5519428
Catalog No. ABIN5519500
Catalog No. ABIN5519519
Catalog No. ABIN5519497
Catalog No. ABIN5519430
Catalog No. ABIN5519525
  • Type Enzyme
    • Enzyme
  • Supplier
    • Transbionovo
    • antibodies-online
  • Application cDNA Synthesis (cDNA)
    • cDNA Synthesis (cDNA)
    • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
    • Restriction Digest (RD)
    • Quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR)
    • Genome Editing with Engineered Nucleases (GEEN)
    • DNA Modification (DNA Mod)
    • Ligation (Lig)
    • DNA Amplification (DNA Amp)
    • RNA Modification (RNA Mod)
    • DNA Manipulation (DNA Man)
  • Conjugate
    • Un-conjugated
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