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How to start Searching for Supplier Product IDs on genomics-online?

It seems that you are looking for certain products from a specific supplier or a specific Supplier Product ID that we have on sale.

Get yourself approved for this great feature on antibodies-online that will allow you to fill your basket across our more than 250 suppliers much quicker.

We invest substantial amounts of time and money into building data around as many research reagents we can get a hold of. We do that to enable you to make the best purchase decision.

The data gathered on each product is the value we add to the market. Unfortunately this data requires protection from others.

What are my benefits of creating an account?

  • See all supplier related information (name, id) and search for supplier product ids.
  • Access to order history for quick reorders.
  • Track the status of all offline and online orders.
  • See your institution specific prices.

Why does Key Account Management need to approve my access to supplier information?

We have changed our policy regarding Access to Supplier Information. antibodies-online continues to stay commited to transparency.

There are certain prerequesites for activation of this feature in your account. Our key account management will help you to establish achievement of those prerequesits.

For example, it is important for us to verify, there has not been any suspicious activity tracked by our web servers from your IP address or related IP address ranges, such as high frequent page access patterns typical for crawlers. (read more....)

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