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DNA Extraction Kits

Tim Hiddemann

Obtaining “clean” DNA is the first step in a successful molecular biology experiment. Extraction and purification of DNA is the first pivotal step for ensuring the success of downstream processes in molecular biology. Cloning, sequencing, and efficient PCR amplification all hinge on the isolation of high-quality purified DNA. DNA quality and purity can be effected by a number of factors including: sample size, the presence of contaminants in a sample, nucleic acid degradation during preparation, and the efficiency of lysis during sample preparation.

Standardized kits for DNA isolation and purification offer several distinct advantages over traditional piece-meal solutions.

  • In addition to providing a rapid and efficient method for high-yield extraction of purified DNA from a variety of sample types, the reagents in DNA extraction kits are specially formulated to minimize the presence of contaminants and reduce nucleic acid degradation during preparation.
  • The easy-to-use, step-by-step nature of DNA extraction using a pre-formed kit also helps to minimize user-error thereby ensuring consistent isolation and minimal sample-to-sample variability.

DNA Extraction Kits ready for purchase currently offers several high-quality solutions for extraction and purification of plasmid DNA as well as genomic DNA from insect, nematode, and mammalian tissues. Discover our products:

Product Product-Id Description
GeneReleaser ABIN3188319 GeneReleaser is a reagent, which releases DNA from whole blood, cell cultures, bacterial colonies etc.
  • DNA preparation before primer extension in 10 minutes
  • Facilitates the release of DNA from whole blood, tissues, bacteria, yeasts and plants
  • Sequesters cell lysis products which might inhibit thermostable polymerases or interfere with primer extension
  • Details
    DNA clean and concentrate High Throughput ABIN3071672 Chromatrap® 96 DNA Micro Elution Purification Kit for high throughput plates for ultra-pure DNA.

    Chromatrap® 96-well high throughput plates for ultra-pure DNA purification. Using proprietary filtration media that offer much higher loadings of active material, assay times are under 5 minutes. Buffers are optimised to remove any unwanted impurities while providing efficient DNA recovery from samples. The Chromatrap® 96 DNA Micro Elution Purification Kit is designed for the purification and concentration of samples from PCR mixtures, ChIP samples and restriction enzyme Digestions.
    DNA purification High Throughput ABIN3071671 Chromatrap® 96 DNA Purification Kit for high throughput plates for ultra-pure DNA. Details
    PCR DNA Extraction Kit (QuickClean II) ABIN1536565 Effective method for purification of 60 bp to 10 kb DNA fragments from PCR.The QuickClean II PCR Extraction Kit provides a simple, rapid and effective method for purification of 60 bp to 10 kb DNA fragments from PCR and other enzymatic reactions. Purified DNA can be used directly for kinds of downstream molecular biological experiments such as cloning, sequencing, restriction enzyme digestion, PCR/real-time PCR and so on. Details
    Gel DNA Extraction Kit (QuickClean II) ABIN1536554 Extraction and purification of DNA from agarose gel. Details
    PCR Purification Kit ABIN2952570 PCR Purification Kit provides a simple and fast method to purify PCR product and enzyme-digested product. DNA is specifically bound to silica-based column. PCR purification by this kit can effectively remove impurities, including proteins, organic compounds, inorganic salt irons and primers. Details
    Quick Gel Extraction Kit ABIN2952571 Quick Gel Extraction Kit is designed for rapid purification and recovery of DNA from TAE or TBE agarose gel. DNA is specifically bound to a silica-based column. The purified DNA is suitable for a variety of molecular biology applications, including restriction enzyme digestion, ligation, cloning, and DNA sequencing. Details


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