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pSMPUW Universal Lentiviral Expression Vector (Promoterless) does not contain any promoter ahead of the multiple cloning sites, nor does it contain any reporter genes or antibiotic selection markers. This makes the system truly universal by allowing you to introduce your own promoter, marker or reporter that is optimal for your gene of interest or target cell. It also makes the system ideal for promoter studies. The expression vector can accommodate inserts up to 10 kb.
Clone your gene of interest and a gene-specific promoter into this Lentiviral Expression Vector, then co-transfect along with lentiviral packaging vectors into a packaging cell line.
This expression vector is compatible with any 2nd or 3rd generation lentiviral packaging system, but due to its design it is best matched with ViraSafe™ packaging vectors to produce the highest viral titer.
Cloning capacity = 9.4 kb

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