pSMPUW-IRES-Puro Lentiviral Expression Vector contains EF-1α promoter ahead of the multiple cloning sites, followed by an IRES and puromycin resistant gene.
Clone your gene of interest and a gene-specific promoter into one of this Lentiviral Expression Vector, then co-transfect along with lentiviral packaging vectors into a packaging cell line.
This expression vector is compatible with any 2nd or 3rd generation lentiviral packaging system, but due to its design it is best matched with our ViraSafe™ packaging vectors to produce the highest viral titer.
Cloning capacity = 7.8 kb

Vector Map
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Vector Map of pSMPUW-IRES-Puro

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Multiple Cloning Site (Click image to enlarge)

Multiple cloning site image of pSMPUW-IRES-Puro

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