In vitro DNA Amplification Kit

Details for Product No. ABIN3188196,
DNA Amplification (DNA Amp)
Purpose The In vitro DNA Amplification Kit now provides end users with a faster and more efficient technique for high yield DNA amplification from minimal starting template.
Characteristics With a simple set up and short handling time, this has now become the method of choice for any application requiring high throughput DNA amplification. The hassle-free protocol eliminates the requirement for mini prep DNA isolation, thus significantly reducing the cost and time required to obtain your amplified product from the reaction. Applications of this technology include (but are not limited to) whole genome amplification, DNA library construction, SNP genotyping and in vitro cloning of lethal DNA.

  • High throughput DNA amplification
  • Whole Genome amplification
  • DNA library construction
  • SNP genotyping
  • In vitro cloning of lethal DNA
  • Sequencing
  • Restriction enzyme digestions
  • Rapid colony/single cell screening

Restrictions For Research Use only
Storage -20 °C