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Ligation-Free Cloning Kit

Catalog No. ABIN3188233
  • Application
    Cloning (Clon)
    The Ligation-Free Cloning kit is a versatile system to meet the demands of the routine and most challenging cloning projects.
    The progressive design has eliminated the requirement for compatible ends and unique restriction sites within the vector and inserts to be cloned. At the foundation of Ligation-Free Cloning technology is abm's proprietary Ligation-Free Enzyme Mix which reliably facilitates conjugation of up to 8 DNA inserts (PCR-generated sequences) and a linearized vector by recognizing a 15 bp overlap region at both ends. This 15 bp overlap can be engineered by designing primers for amplification of your desired sequences to create inserts free from any redundant or unwanted base pairs. To eliminate the possibility of mutations associated with PCR amplification, scientists at abm have developed a DNA Polymerase with the highest proof-reading capability thus making this system the most reliable on the market.
  • Comment

    • multiple fragment cloning and assembly.
    • cloning of any insert into any location of a chosen vector.
    • complete elimination of the dependence on availability of restriction sites, phosphatase treatment and ligation.
    • inserts free from any redundant or unwanted base pairs.
    • save over 50% on reagent costs in comparison to other products available on the market.

    For Research Use only
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