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Anti-Taq Antibody

Catalog No. ABIN4219143
  • Application
    Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
    Anti-Taq Antibody is the ultimate solution to eliminate non-specific amplification.
    - Prevent primer dimer
    - Enhance specificity and yield
    The antibody binds to Taq DNA polymerase and arrests Taq's activity. Under the ambient temperature throughout PCR reaction assembly and handling, non-specific priming can happen but no polymerization can occur as the Taq DNA polymerases are inactivated. During the initial denaturing step of the PCR thermal cycles, antibodies are denatured and Taq DNA polymerases are released. Unlike chemically hot-start DNA polymerase, antibody-based hot-start DNA polymerase can fully regain its activity upon activation, an increase in PCR product's yield is very often observed along with enhanced PCR specificity.
  • Application Notes
    - Hot-Start PCR
    - gDNA PCR

    250 U (50 μl)
    Anti-Taq Antibody is also very easy to use: just mix the antibody and Taq DNA polymerase in 1:1 volume ratio and incubate this mixture at room temperature for 10 - 15 minutes, then use this mixture in PCR by following the normal protocol of the Taq DNA polymerase that is being used in the experiment.

    For Research Use only
  • Storage
    -20 °C
    Storage Comment
    Keep at -20°C for long term storage antibody may freeze at -20°C and the antibody is stable to undergo at least 20 freeze/thaw cycles.
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